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Hagyard MidSouth 3Day & Team Challenge HT 2011
Hagyard MidSouth 3Day & Team Challenge HT was held Oct 19-23 2011.
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USEF National Junior CCI* Championship Results
USEF National 19-21 yo CCI* Championship Results
USEF National Amateur CCI* Championship Results
USEF National Senior CCI* Championship Results

Note about Team Scores with ties

Prelim level: Oh Canada! was 4th place and MSEDA Prelm was 5th place. Trng level: Area III YR was 12th place and MSEDA Trng was 14th place. BN level: EA of Mich BN was 5th place and Martha's ... Area VIII YR was 6th place. The stored tiebreaker here is incorrect. Sorry!
Team Challenge will offer team competition from Beginner Novice through Preliminary in the Horse Trials, a CCI* hosting the USEF national trophies, along with the National P3D and T3D levels. All HT divisions are OPEN divisions. All three day divisions are individuals only, not team competitions.
Hope you join us for a great event in October!

Stall Chart

All FEI riders will be stabled together, along with their extra horses. All T3D riders will also be stabled together, in barns adjacent to the CCI riders. Riders in the HT only will be located with their travel groups as indicated on the stabling forms.

There are several other events and activities at the Park this week so hotel and campground reservations should be made very early!

Show Bill

Open Date For CCI, P3D, T3D Aug 23
Open Date for HT Sep 06

All entries must be received with complete fees, paperwork by the corresponding Close Date, so be sure you get your entry in soon!

HT-T3D-P3D Entry Form
CCI Entry Form
Stabling Form
These forms are interactive, and may be downloaded and completed before printing for submission. Do not leave any spaces blank; response required for each section.

Check Entry Status for the list of entries accepted as of Oct 04.

We DO have wait lists for P-N levels of the HT entries. The BN list has been cleared Oct 14.
If you do not see your name and have submitted an entry, it is on the wait lists. If you do not wish to remain on the wait list, let me know so we can move the next rider up. I will add riders as we get scratches through Sun, Oct 16, and your checks will be deposited at that point. All remaining checks will be shredded after the event.
All riders in the Horse Trials have been added to teams this week. Backfilled scratches will take the team spot vacated, no more team rearrangements.
3Day Riders If you have grooms who are also riding in the event, please send me the names and I will try to make their ride times work for you. All 3day riders will be required to provide a completed medical armband (no blank spaces, please) in order to receive your packet. Also please confirm that CCI* riders have all the required annual FEI reg numbers for both horse and rider and passports. Some of you still have paperwork to do!
Please verify that the info shown here is correct. See note above regarding stabling of three day horses. Verify nights stabled and tack, non-comp please.
To ensure that you receive our messages, please add the event email address to your address book.

Classic Three Day Incentive Program

Hagyard Midsouth 3Day & Team Challenge HT is delighted to offer a new Incentive for our Classic (Long Format) riders. Beginning in 2011, each Training 3Day competitor who completes the event will be offered a Classic Format Voucher, which will entitle the rider or the horse the opportunity to compete at the Classic Preliminary level at a reduced cost. The voucher will provide a $75 discount for a qualified entry for either the same rider or the same horse in the Prelim 3Day [P3D] division at the 2012 or 2013 Hagyard Midsouth Three Day.
We hope this incentive will provide support to our riders as they progress in their development as Classic Eventers. We look forward to many more graduates in our two-part program of Three Day competitions!

Volunteers for this event are always welcome! We will be glad to work around your ride times. If you can help, please click on the Volunteers link in the left sidebar. We will be in touch!

The team competition for horse trials divisions at the Mid-South 3Day and Team Challenge HT in October is conducted in the following manner. Note that all HT divisions are OPEN divisions. Each of the team members, either 3 or 4 riders, will ride dressage at the same time in adjacent rings (which comprise the individual divisions), and then will jump both XC and show jumping in consecutive order. So, no team may have a rider on two or more horses. If teams have been submitted with a rider on multiple horses, the extra rides will be placed in the list of individual entries. Riders may contact the secretary to indicate which ride should be the first team horse.
We will schedule the teams that entered on Opening Date first, and then add teams and individual entries as we have room. All riders will be placed either on short teams of 3, or on composite teams that we assemble. All accepted riders will be listed online after the Draw Date. If a team member must be replaced, the secretary will backfill the vacancy from the waitlist unless the team indicates that they do not want substitutions. Teams which drop below three members after the Close Date (or before if we have exhausted our waitlist) will cease to exist as a team, but the remaining riders will still compete as individuals. Substitutions at the same level of either horse or rider, but not both, will be accepted if qualified for that level. Please understand that these policies are in place to treat the waitlisted riders fairly. Team scores are determined by adding together the lowest three scores from the team riders. All teams are encouraged to join in the fun of cross-country day by wearing safe, appropriate costumes!

Please read the article linked here for details on how we replace scratched riders on our teams, as well as options for teams who need to replace a rider.
Send your entries on Opening Date to give your team the best chance of getting into the event!

Host Hotel
The Four Points Sheraton is our Host Hotel for this event. Just mention the event name when you book your rooms to receive the special event rate.

Four Points

Attention: Competitors!

Many of our spectators are new to the sport of Eventing, and we want them to know you as more than just a number.
Is your horse an off-the-track-Thoroughbred? Is this your first or your horse�s first event? Is this a new horse, or perhaps your first Training Level event together? Maybe it is your birthday, or you are really proud of something you and your horse have accomplished this year. We want to know about your profession, your school/college, spouse/children, etc.
Please email some background information to our announcer Cyndi Kurth. Please complete these no later than Tue, Oct 18. This info will not be shared with anyone else!

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