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Hagyard MidSouth 3Day & Team Challenge HT 2005
Hagyard MidSouth 3Day & Team Challenge HT was held Oct 19-23 2005.
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Dressage test correction 2005! Please note that the Omnibus lists the wrong test for the CCI* divisions. The CCI* competitors will ride the 2005 FEI One-Star Test B.

All riders should check their ride times upon arrival to confirm that no schedule changes have been made. CCI* riders will receive their XC ride times after the First Horse Inspection. Dressage times for the CCI* may be compressed on each day if the schedule warrants. No CCI* rider will have his dressage day changed.

MidSouth CCI* has been awarded the USAEq Harry T. Peters Championship and the USAEq Alexander Mackay-Smith Championship for the four year cycle 2001-2005. The Peters Trophy is for US Junior riders, and the Mackay-Smith is for US Adult Amateurs (must hold a USEF Amateur card).

Our event and others in this part of Kentucky can be found at the KyFestivals site. Check out the website for other fun activities to enjoy while you are here!

Volunteers for this event are always welcome! We will be glad to work around your ride times. If you can help, please click on the Volunteers link in the left toolbar. We will be in touch!

The team competition at the Mid-South 3Day and Team Challenge HT in October is conducted in the following manner. Each of the team members, either 3 or 4 riders, will ride dressage at the same time in adjacent rings (which comprise the individual divisions), and then will jump both XC and show jumping in consecutive order. So, no team may have a rider on two or more horses. If teams have been submitted with a rider on multiple horses, the extra rides will be placed in the list of individual entries. Riders may contact the secretary to indicate which ride should be the first team horse. We will schedule the teams that entered on Opening Date first, and then add teams and individual entries as we have room. All riders will be placed either on short teams of 3, or on composite teams that we assemble. All riders will receive acceptance letters after the Draw Date. If a team member must be replaced, the secretary will backfill the vacancy from the waitlist unless the team indicates otherwise. Teams which drop below three members after the Close Date (or before if we have exhausted our waitlist) will cease to exist as a team, but the remaining riders will still compete as individuals. Substitutions at the same level of either horse or rider, but not both, will be accepted if qualified for that level. Please understand that these policies are in place to treat the waitlisted riders fairly. Team scores are determined by adding together the lowest three scores from the team riders. All teams are encouraged to join in the fun of cross-country day by wearing safe, appropriate costumes!

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