Spring Run HT Biosecurity Plan

Spring Run HT Biosecurity Plan
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Mon 30 May, 2011
Even though Kentucky has no confirmed cases or exposure to the viruses recently reported in other areas of the country, Spring Run would like to emphasize good management practices to avoid any problems. Please be aware of the simple biosecurity measures in place to manage the spread of EHV-1 and other contagious viruses among our horses. Do not share buckets, haynets, grooming tools or other equipment among horses. Do not tie your horses close together, especially along fences or to other porous materials. These viruses are particularly adaptable at thriving in wood, soil, other areas difficult to disinfect. Most of these viruses are relatively simple to kill. Consider wiping your tack and equipment with a simple 5% bleach solution after each use. Use hand sanitizers on any exposed skin between contacts between different animals. Avoid casual contact with horses, including that friendly pat on the way down the aisle. The bit check personnel will use fresh vinyl gloves for each animal, but we are happy to accommodate any rider who prefers to have the tack check done by dropping the bridle to show the bit, either before or after the ride.

EV115.2.4b In the Dressage Test, the checking of the bridle must be done with the greatest caution. When bit inspections require actual contact with the inside of the horse’s mouth,the inspector must use a clean protective glove for each horse. If the competitor so requests, the bridle and bit may be checked immediately after the test has been completed. However, should the bridle or bit in such a case be found not to be permitted, the competitor shall be eliminated.

We believe that these common-sense practices will make your weekend less stressful without causing undue hardship or hysteria. Should your horse show any unusual signs or symptoms or exhibit an elevated temperature, please request vet assistance. We do not anticipate any problems with your horses' health at the event. For the latest information for our area, please consult KY Dept of Ag-State Vet.

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