Mayfest 2003 Ride Times

Mayfest 2003 Ride Times
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Wed 14 May, 2003
Attention: Competitors!

The Mayfest 2003 ride times and a general schedule of events are now available. Click on the Mayfest page at left to view this information. Note that the XC times for the Educational 3Day Clinic riders reflect their times to begin Phase A. A complete timesheet will be provided after Dressage.
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Re: Mayfest 2003 Ride Times
Christine Brown - Thu 15 May, 2003
Hi Debbie, I am entered in the Edu 3D and just thought I'd ask if there was any way I could still get A tack stall. I Know that is alot to ask at this late date but forgot I would be on grounds so many days. Thanks, Christine Brown
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