USEA Horse Registrations

USEA Horse Registrations
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Wed 23 Apr, 2008
All horses competing at USEA recognized events must be registered with the USEA, with the exception of horses competing at the BN level, and the BN and Nov levels at a USPC rally. The horse may compete at a Young Event Horse test, and Beginner Novice through Training levels with a Limited Status registration. This must be upgraded to either a Full or Life Registration for Preliminary level and above. Be sure you make this change before competing at the upper levels! Should your horse not be registered, you have 30 days to come into compliance. Otherwise, any high score points and /or AEC qualifications are in jeopardy and may be forfeited. The USEA has a simple process for horse registration available on their website linked below.
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