Rider Requirements for FEI Levels

Rider Requirements for FEI Levels
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Fri 25 Jul, 2008
Attention: CIC/CCI Riders
Any rider who plans to compete at an FEI level in 2008 must meet more stringent requirements than in the past. Both Horse and Rider must satisfy all qualifying requirements for the level, as well as have current 2008 FEI registration numbers for both. The USEF document on Qualifiers is linked on the Show Reqmts page on the left sidebar. In addition, every horse must have a passport to compete at any FEI level, including the lower level CCI and CIC levels. This means that your horse should have an FEI Passport, good for all levels, or, for the One Star and Two Star levels only, the horse may have a National Passport. Horses who plan to compete at any level of FEI event outside their own country must have the FEI passport as before. For US riders, the USEF has a straightforward process in place to acquire these passports. Plan ahead to allow enough time for processing these requests.

For riders planning to compete in the CICs or CCI at our fall events, please also include stabling fees. All horses in these events must be stabled on-grounds for the duration of the event. Additional horses ridden by the FEI competitor will be stabled with the FEI horse. The FEI barns will not be closed to other riders or the public. All horses must arrive early enough to allow time for the Arrival Exam and passport check by the vets (Thur, Sep 4 for Kentucky Classique).

Refer to FEI Rulebook Article 518 for a discussion of the Vet Exams at these events. Section 518.2.3 will apply for Kentucky Classique. There will be two exams, the first upon Arrival and the second following cross-country. There will be no formal jog.
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