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Debbie Atkinson Latest News
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Fri 15 Sep, 2006
We know that all of you are anxious for more news about our friend and fellow rider Debbie Atkinson, who was badly injured in a fall on the Intermediate course at Ky Classic Sep 2. Debbie is aware and alert and has her family and close friends around her at the UK Medical Center Trauma ICU in Lexington. Her doctors and family are making plans to transfer her to the Shepherd Center, a spinal cord rehab facility in Atlanta, when she is ready. She has a huge stack of mail and good wishes there to comfort her, and her family appreciates all of the emotional support they have received from the eventing community. Debbie says she is bored to death and would love all of you to come visit with her, just to get a little barn talk in her day! Visitors are permitted most of the time. Check with the Trauma ICU at Chandler Medical Center for details and to confirm that Debbie has not been transferred. Please remember her in your prayers.

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