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KHP Entrance is Temporarily Closed
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Fri 03 Apr, 2015
Attention: Competitors!

Due to the current high water from the adjacent creek and the additional rain expected this afternoon, the KHP Mounted Police are closing the main entrance road to ingress traffic for entry, Friday, April 3, 2015. Any traffic coming into the park is advised to enter through the campground entrance (and proceed all the way to Nina Bonnie Blvd. and left, or west, towards the Rolex Stadium and then left or south down Rolex Way to the main parking lot and the National Horse Center, or to their destination).
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New Test For Starter Division at Spring Bay
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Wed 18 Mar, 2015
New Dressage Test for Starter!

Spring Bay HT will use the USDF 2015 Introductory Test A for this year's event. This is a new test since the Omnibus page was submitted.

Please make note of the change. The test can be found here:

Starter Test

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Late Entries for Spring Bay
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Sun 15 Mar, 2015
Attention: Competitors!

Be sure to send your entries soon for Spring Bay 2015! The rule change from last year states that entries must be received by Close, which is Mar 17. We need hard copy of the entry with all signatures, fees please.
Entries that arrive in hard copy by Close date will be accepted with no penalty, if all fees enclosed or paid via credit card.
Riders please Note: ANY entry received and not COMPLETE including all fees due at Close will be removed from the Entry List and Late Charges of $50 will apply to this entry in order to start the event. Payment via money order, cashiers check or cash only.

We will accept LATE entries that arrive between Close and Sat, Mar 21. LATE Entry Fee $245, plus Stabling and Assn. Fees. Only COMPLETE entries with all FEES will be considered for late entries. ALL payments received after Close must be paid via Money Order or Cashiers Check.

For entries in the Starter division, please remember that this level does not require payment of the $21 USEA Starter/D&M fee. However, the horse must have a USEA registration number (Restricted level registration is free of charge), and every rider must be a full member of USEA or pay the $25 non-member fee.

For further information on the levels of membership and registration required at each level, please consult the link provided on this page.

The sun is shining, see you soon!
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USEA Membership Reminders for 2015
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Mon 26 Jan, 2015
Attention: Competitors

The USEA has posted several reminders regarding membership and horse registration for 2015. Please note that ALL riders and horses must have some level of USEA registration to compete in sanctioned events. The various levels of membership and registration are explained in detail at the link shown below. Please also note that a Change of Ownership for your horse will no longer have a fee attached. Please update your USEA records to ensure your competition record is compete.

USEA Membership Requirements

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Thanks for Coming to Team Challenge!
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Mon 20 Oct, 2014
We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did, and your trip home was safe and "uneventful"!

The secretary is busy completing all the reports today and refund checks will be underway this week. If anyone left anything behind, please let us know and we will check to see if we have it in the show office lost and found.

Thanks again for sharing your weekend with us, and we hope to see you again next year!

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Trailer Parking for Team Challenge
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Sun 12 Oct, 2014
The KHP has asked us to make everybody aware of the trailer parking plan for the week ahead. There are several large groups at the park and we all need to be considerate of each other.

All trailers for those who have stalls will need to be dropped out front in the main parking lot after you unload. The Alltech parking area will be in use by the Mounted Police group.

Day shippers will need to park in Tent City. NO parking will be allowed at any other location. Please follow the signs posted for non-stabled horse parking.

There is an invitational cross-country meet on Saturday, so add a few extra minutes to your travel time to accommodate the extra traffic at the front entrance and along Cigar Ln headed back towards stabling.

For those of you who are new to the KHP, you will enter the park via the front entrance and stop at the Gate to get your parking pass. From there you will go around the roundabout and turn Right on Cigar Ln to get to stabling. Follow the signs and turn right on Nina Bonnie Blvd. The entrance to the barns is on your left about 500 feet ahead. Stall charts will be posted at the rear door of the Show Office, which is located just beyond the drive to the stabling (right end of the building). Stabling will also be posted online by Monday.

Drive safely and we will see you soon!
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Team Challenge Entry Update Oct 3
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Fri 03 Oct, 2014
A new Entry List has been posted. All teams have been assembled. We will continue to replace withdrawn riders from the wait lists throughout the week. The new rider will take the place on the team which has lost a member.

If you are on a wait list but no longer wish to be considered, please email the secretary at so we can remove your name from the lineup.

If you do wish to remain on the list, but have a date certain beyond which you do not want to accept an opening, please email that date to the secretary.

We will send an email message to each rider as his name comes to the top of the lists, but we do need a timely response of acceptance, or we must proceed to the next name in line.

Thanks for your consideration and overwhelming interest in our event!

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We Want You!
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Thu 02 Oct, 2014
Several hundred volunteers are needed to keep Hagyard Midsouth 3Day & Team Challenge HT running.

If you or a travel mate have a few hours throughout the week to offer, please contact Lynn Davis at Lynn has a working list of volunteer positions yet unfilled.

You can get a general idea of your ride schedule from the basic schedule and link to Schedule of Competition shown on the event web page. Lynn will have access to your particular ride times once they are assigned.

Thanks in advance for pitching in to make Team Challenge the best ever!

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XC Schooling at Team Challenge
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Mon 29 Sep, 2014
We will offer XC schooling on Sunday following the end of competition at Team Challenge. To participate, please stop in at the Show Office after 3:00P to sign a Release and pick up a schooling pinny.

The courses will open 15 min after competition ends (roughly 4P), and will close at 5:30P. Thanks for your cooperation in leaving the course promptly when asked.

We will cancel the Schooling only in the event of bad weather or poor footing. Please respect the fences and the property when you are riding. Notice regarding cancellation will be made via the website and our Facebook page.

Fee (payable to Team Challenge): $35/horse

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Team Challenge Entry Update
Posted by Event Mgmt. on Thu 25 Sep, 2014
The complete Entry List is now online. If you do not find your name, you may assume that you are on the wait list for your level. Only entries postmarked by Close will be monitored on the Waitlists. Please note that entries postmarked after the Close date will NOT be added to the list.

Riders will be added to the competition in postmark order as we receive scratches in a division for which they are eligible, and will be contacted either via Email or phone. Replaced riders in this process will receive refunds as per USEA rules. We will continue to monitor the waitlists through the weekend preceding the start of competition. All checks will be shredded after the event for those who are not accepted, unless notified otherwise at the event email

Please let the secretary know if you decide to take your entry off the lists. Thanks for your patience and your gratifying interest in our event!

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